Ansible-related rant 

Every time I read the Ansible issue tracker I wonder why the hell the core devs feel entitled to dismiss their users as dumb idiots unless proven otherwise (and still question the issue itself and proposing pointless workarounds even after passing that bar).

Today in "USB-PD is an unmitigated shitshow": my laptop was desperately trying to charge my monitor through the latter's USB-C PD 90W port instead of the other way around.

There's a mind-bogglingly large amount of software that listens on localhost without even a trace of authentication because its authors assume that you'd run it on your own laptop, thus creating gaping security holes the moment you move it on a multi-user system. Also there's the slight complication of concurrent use of the same port and users fighting each other for control of the well-known port.

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Doing some insane hacks with pam_exec, CNI, cnitool and pam_usernet. Proper network isolation on multi-user systems is *hard*.

Also, I need a 1TB NVMe with a decent thermal profile without an heatsink bolted on, my laptop does not have enough headroom for an NVMe with an heatsink.

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I finally found the root couse of the instability of my new laptop and it ain't pretty: a faulty Samsung 870 EVO NVMe. This is my second faulty Samsung SSD, perhaps it's time to change vendor...

Mild Obi-Wan Kenobi spoiler 

"Goodbye, Darth"

$moglie: "adesso prova a dirmi che l'hai comprato per nostro figlio"


Rainews24, prima pagina di Libero: "Pazzi in mascherina - Ormai è ossessione"

Non ho parole, solo parolacce indirizzate al direttore, al titolista, all'autore dell'articolo ed ai loro parenti fino alla quindicesima generazione.

Mild Obi-Wan Spoiler 

Bail Organa on Alderaan: "One day this planet will look up to you, Leia".

I have to admit I laughed. I'm a terrible person, I know.

L'assassino del Texas, prima di andare a fare la strage, ne ha scritto in alcuni messaggi privati su FB. Attenzione che adesso il problema sarà che si devono analizzare tutti i messaggi che le persone si scambiano in tutto il mondo, non che i ragazzini hanno le armi d'assalto

If you deem "ugly" the DSLs of most configuration management tools you have never seen the rsyslog configuration DSL.

Trust me, it's beyond ugly.

"Chick’s catalogue of classic Elektric and Akoustic Band albums is now available in digital format exclusively on this site!"

I have no kind words for Chick Corea's heirs who wasted no time to yank some of his most iconic fusion albums from all music streaming sites and online stores to sell them "exclusively" on their shop.

Schrödinger's NIC: physically up on the server end and at the same time physically down at the switch end, the actual state is undetermined until you try to exchange traffic (at which point it collapses to "HAHAHAA I'M DOWN")

Giova ripeterlo dopo aver letto/sentito gli ennesimi strafalcioni giornalistici: dire che un "sito è stato violato" quando in realtà è sotto DDoS è come affermare che vi hanno rubato la macchina quando in realtà hanno occupato la strada su cui stavate passando.


Tested negative, back to the regular schedule :)

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